What makes Prof C.org Limited unique .....

ProfC.org Limited uses the latest state of the art practice management software from Writeupp (c) for scheduling, notes and document management. 

Digitisation of communication and workflow means that:

  • All consultations are followed by personalised email summary and provision of copies of therapy materials through your own dedicated secure App provided by Quenza (c) 
  • Dedicated emails with 24 hour turnaround of clinical support enquiries and advice
  • Integration of the Q Global (c), Novopsych (c) and MHS (c) clinical assessment portals to support assessment and monitoring of symptoms
  • Integration of the Cognifit (c) system to provide cognitive screening and, when indicated, cognitive skills enhancement
  • Text and email appointment confirmation and reminder service
  • Provision of videoconsultation and delivery of psychological intervention through confidential videoconferencing portal

Integrated Electronic Symptom Assessment from Q-Global, Novopsych, Cognifit and MHS

WriteUpp, Q Global, Psychology Tools, PositivePsychology, Novopsych and Cognifit are all registered companies with whom ProfC.org has contractual relationship to provide services.

ProfC.org is overseen by Professor Craig White, who through his postgraduate training in clinical psychology, cognitive therapy and in medical law and experience of public sector leadership experience, is able to provide a specialist and unique perspective on the psychological, policy, governance, legal and legislative factors influencing the management of individual symptom presentations and contextual factors in each case. This is invaluable in cases where there is a need for liaison with statutory agencies, employers, regulators and where advocacy, representation and liaison with other agencies form a part of case management.

Everyone registered with the practice has access to consultation online booking portal - available 24 hours a day 365 days a year so that you can book your consultation with Professor White at a time suitable for you. 

Integrated Access and Use of Quenza (c) App to Support Treatment

When you register as patient with the practice and commence psychological treatment you will be provided with access to Quenza - an App accessible on your smart phone, tablet or computer to work through intervention materials - all individually tailored to the assessment of the factors identified as maintaining your problems and targeted for change.  Some examples of these are outlined below.

Professor White has access to hundreds of evidence based psychological therapy activities and care pathways - and will often tailor an individualised pathway for you to work on between consultations.

You will have access to secure Files area, summaries of your consultations and also to secure Chat if you have questions about treatment or your work to build confidence and understanding of the processes and interventions you are working on between consultations.