Testimonials re Psychological Intervention

"From the day I met Professor White, I instantly felt like he understood me and knew how best to support me. At each of my sessions with him he would listen, keep me on track and guided me on a path which has improved my confidence and my own self belief. He has a huge amount of knowledge and experience that makes him excellent in his field......... I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for me and would throughly recommend him to my family / friends."

Patient referred with history of severe depressive symptoms and prior partial response to psychological therapy & medication

" I am delighted to have reached a level where I can manage my symptoms and understand them more. Being somewhat free of that all-encompassing and relentless fear has been liberating and I feel a million miles away from that sobbing, terrified heap that first walked into your office.  So thank you. I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have taught me and all your support along the way."

Patient referred by Consultant for assessment and treatment of Illness Anxiety Disorder symptoms

"I feel very lucky & privileged to be under Professor White's care. He has & continues to guide me through a very difficult time in my life. He goes above and beyond what I would have expected from any health professional.  He is brilliant, kind, caring & most of all understanding of my condition. Professor White will tell you he is only doing his job, however it's rare these days to receive such dedication.  He is a credit to not only himself, to BMI Healthcare."

Patient referred by GP for assessment and treatment of Generalised Anxiety Disorder symptoms

Testimonials re Psychological Reports

Craig has an excellent understanding of the law and context surrounding our cases. The advocates we instruct

in court cases trust his opinion and have learned a great deal from him. He is also extremely approachable and

happy/willing to answer questions, and we have received great feedback from clients regarding his manner with

them in interviews".

“Extremely professional, approachable and helpful. Professor White’s reports are thorough, insightful, detailed

and of a high standard.”

“Professionalism, personality, expertise, highly regarded and well-read expert, willingness to discuss (at length)

and explain opinions, hard-working and reliable in terms of prompt response.”

“Professor White provided very thorough reports. At consultation with Counsel, he expresses his opinion backed

up with theory (this is mirrored in his reports). He understands the litigation process extremely well."

"I have instructed Professor White in several very tricky homeless and eviction cases. His reports were instrumental in achieving positive outcomes for my clients. My clients all spoke very highly of Professor White following their assessments with one client expressing great relief that someone had finally listened and taken her seriously. Professor White is very approachable and provides his reports quickly. I would highly recommend instructing Professor White."

"Many thanks for your assistance here. My client was delighted with how the meeting with yourself went."

“I thank the experts who have given their time and professional expertise and congratulate them on the way in which they have done so, in observing their duties to the Court they have taken the heat out of which could be a very difficult case

"Many thanks for getting back so promptly and for writing such a professional, easy to read report."

"We are pleased to say that the Procurator Fiscal accepted a plea of not guilty as a consequence of the terms of your report....thank you for all your assistance in this matter. "

"Thank you for your help in respect of the above matter. We are pleased to say that the Procurator Fiscal decided to discontinue the prosecution against our client. We are sure that this is as a consequence of all your hard work and thank you for the same."